Monday, 3 September 2018

The acceptable type of racism

“I am not against black people at all, but I do want retain my right to freely criticise all African states and their practices.”

“I am not against black people but I question the right of African nations to exist.”

“Well, we cannot believe anything the main stream media says at is completely controlled by the blacks.”

“I know there are a few racists on the left, but what about the Islamophobes in the Tory party?”

“Black people, with their desire to maintain their black identity, are not really British.”

“No, it is not a racist picture.  It is a satirical comment on the powers that control society, and just shows black gangs as an artistic medium.”

“I am not a racist but it is sometimes important to share a platform with racists, in order to move the discussion on.”

“I am going to boycott all black countries because they defy United Nation guidelines.  I am ok with Russia, the USA, the UK, China, and most Arab countries doing this though.  I don’t think boycotting will make a difference with them.”

“Have you ever noticed that Africans have no sense of humour or irony?”

I hope you are rather outraged by these statements.  They are outrageous.  But take out “black”, “African” and “racist”, and substitute “Jew” “Israeli” and “anti-Semite” and suddenly it seems to be acceptable to most people.  I think this is a problem.

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