Sunday, 1 April 2018

Dear Herod - Wednesday 28th March

Dear Herod,

I finished off an important article today which is good.  I can now concentrate on some other things, and getting some genealogy stuff done.  I spoke to Mother who is improving greatly, which I am relieved about.  She even claimed she is eating more, although I will believe that when I see it.  I reminded her that I had cooked several meals for the freezer, and she declared her intention to take a macaroni cheese out for dinner.

I finally wrote my book review for the Goldfinch.  I am nearly ready to write another review.  I am reading too purposefully lately, and need to read more fiction.  I am very much enjoying Pope Hadrian VII, and then next up is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which I dread.  I must try to get through it, but feel not in the least disposed to read it, especially after a recent dramatisation on Radio 4.  I will read a quarter of it, and then assess if I should carry on.

The guy from Flat 4 is enraged because a local transmitter is down meaning there is no BBC4.  He asked me if I had had any problems, and was incredulous when I confessed I only watch TV via the fire stick, so had not noticed it.  He would have been even more incredulous if I had told him that I don't think I have seen anything at all from BBC4 this year.  That said, I have been devouring Civilisations but that is a BBC2 programme.

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