Monday, 2 April 2018

Dear Herod - Thursday 29th March

Dear Herod,

What a tiresome day!  I spent the day on high tension about the benchmarking report due at work.  I always feel the burden of such things very keenly.  I think the courses at work are largely taught well, with good teachers, are well planned, and that students get a good deal.  But the deal with these inspections is always in the admin.  Again, I think the administration at work is run fairly well, but that is not what inspectors are looking at.  What they want to see is that you can produce documents to show you understand what they are looking for.  And if I can't, I am at fault, and my careless interpretation of inspectionese could endanger my workplace.

The promised report was due today.  I sent an email checking all was in progress, and was promised it by the close of play (a hated term).  I was planning to finish at 3am, as I had worked quite early during the week, and was quite a bit over my hours.  It would be nice to go home early before the long break, and rest before setting off to a Maundy Thursday Supper.

It was not to be.  The report came at 17.45pm.  I was tired and hungry, and needed to click through the document (51 pages) before sending it on.  I arrived home feeling tired and frustrated.  Plus I had to cook an unexpected meal, being too late to go to the planned supper.  A little Bach soothed me, but the trials of the day, with having to deal with the social media battle for the left, the reports on the Brexit Calamity due one year on today, and I felt quite off-sorts.  Not a good start to a difficult weekend.

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