Saturday, 31 March 2018

Dear Herod - Tuesday 27th March

Dear Herod,

A peculiar coincidence happened on the way home today. I had visited Tesco for the purpose of garnering victuals, and, having crossed the main road, was proceeding homewards, when I thought I heard my name being called out. Immediately embarrassed, I put my head down to continue, and listen out for another call, which I would respond to. After all, I might have misheard, it might have been for another Nigel, it would be embarrassing to turn around and have everyone look at me and know my name.

But no, the call came again, and it was someone on the other side of the road. I peered across, and recognised Tenor Rep from the Chorus I used to sign with. I signalled to her that I would cross the road to speak to her, and hurried to the crossing just ahead. It turns out she moved in just around the corner (quite literally) in October. The marvvel is that we have not bumped into one another before. It was nice to see her; she is a friendly character. She has not sung with the Chorus for a few months, as she had fallen over and hurt her leg (and, indeed was still using a stick). I do miss singing with them - they have rebranded and seem to be back on track, but the fees are very expensive now (£324 a year) and I was put off by the prospect of doing drama which happened last time I was there. I do miss singing very much, and it was a friendly bunch. I might give it some thought, and give some thought to finding a classical choir to sing with, as it has been a while since I sang some classical items, and I miss it much. We don't get to sing that often at church any more, as we are too few.

I started watching a Netflix series called Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl), a Turkish series about Suleyman the Magnificent. My knowledge of Turkish history is limited to its interactions with European History, notably Mehmet II and the capture of Constantinople, and the decline of the nineteenth century. It is good to learn something more, and it is a gripping drama, and, being produced in Turkey which is a little more conservative, it is not a flesh-fest, focussing on the drama, rather than perked up sex scene, or gore.  I need to find a good book about the Ottoman Empire.

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