Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dear Herod - Sunday 25th March

Dear Herod,

I had a bad night last night.  I always do when I drink beer, and I always forget this.  If I drink wine, I sleep well, but beer might as well be packed with caffeine.  I therefore felt tired and rather sombre this morning.  It is Palm Sunday, so joy would be required at church, together with joyful songs.  I was not in the mood, so stayed in and read a sermon and thought a lot.  Being sombre is good for me, as I always feel like writing, so I sat down in the afternoon and got on with some more writing.  The research I banked up has proved useful, so I got quite a lot done, and have nearly reached my April deadline.  I shall then be able to spend all the lovely spring days at my leisure, and go for lots of walks, and get lots of vitamin D and lose weight.

I read a very interesting paper this afternoon on the Thirty Years War.  I need to get to grips with this period a bit more, and I now have some useful pointers.  It took the approach that religious fervour was the cloak for good old-fashioned land greed and jostling for influence.  I need to think about that a bit more, but I like the conclusion.

I cooked orzo tonight and made salad.  It was very good.  I was supposed to cook enough to take some to work for lunch tomorrow, but forgot, and then was hungry anyway.  This is tiresome.  I need to be more organised on the domestic front, and need to purge my place a bit.  I have not used the Instant Pot in ages, and wonder if I should pass it on.  Sigh.

Distressed email received today.  Not in the mood to reply.  Perhaps on Tuesday evening.

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