Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dear Herod - Monday 26th March

Dear Herod,

Monday was the first day of the vacation at work, but there is a three day conference for an outside group.  This meant there were a lot of people milling around, and this would normally vex me as I like the quietness of the vacation after a busy term, and I am always busy at the end of term.  However, the visitors were a particularly agreeable bunch, and were little trouble.  It made the day go quickly too.

After work, I headed off to church, to meet Church Manager and talk about the storage of music.  There is a LOT of music in a lot of different places.  But I love to organise (despite my own lack of organisation) and a bit of consultation and moving things around, and things are definitely on the go.  As an award for coming in and doing it, I was treated to a pint at the pub opposite.  Two pub trips in one week, shocking! - still it is Holy Week.after all, and I am a non-conformist.  It was a most agreeable time - the first time we had really spoken and it was good to connect and muse on things over beer.  Perhaps I need to make sure more pub trips happen.

I was rather pensive in the evening.  After the conversation with Sister 3 last night, I was thinking about all my books at mum's.  They are going to have to go - I had hoped I would be able to bring them down to London, but I will never be able to live somewhere with a room for books.  I will have to sort them out - I am thinking of taking one box to fill with special treasures, but it is going to be really hard.  My beloved Penguin Classics, all my uni books, childhood books.  It will help me not to be attached to possessions I guess, so I shall try to be all noble and sacrificial about it.  I think I find harder the fact that I just afford to get by.  I shall never live in a house, or even a one bed flat.  I am content with what I have, but it is a pity there is no room for books.

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