Sunday, 18 February 2018


I have always loved Frasier.  I came across it a couple of years into its run.  Straightaway, I recognised that this was no foolish American sitcom, such as was being shown during the nineties here in the UK.  It was clever, and it was humane.  Frasier's pomposity, his humanity, his rivalry with his brother Niles.  Niles' absent wife, and lines about his various therapy groups.  The unrequited love of Niles for Daphne, obvious to all except her.  Ros, a confident woman (at a time there were no confident women on TV).  Martin, the poor father, bewildered by his sons, yet loving them.  There were farces, yet a continuing story.  I was close to tears at the last episode.

It is on Channel 4 daily in the morning, and I often tune in, even though I have the full series on DVD.  John Mahoney, who plays Martin, died recently, and I found this splendid article that shows the central place Martin occupies in Frasier.  It really is very good.  Do read it.

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