Saturday, 6 January 2018

This minute

A minute is a short period of time.  But one minute can change your life.  In one minute, you can be told you are dying by a doctor.  In one minute, you discover you are going to be a parent.  In one minute a phone rings and you hear someone you love has died.  In one minute someone says "I love you" and it makes you the happiest person alive for that minute.  In one minute you find out that a friend has been false, and is no friend at all.  In one minute you get the exam results which change the future direction of your life.  In one minute your car veers off the road into a tree.

Every minute is important.  Every minute marks the boundary between what has been and what will be.  Yet most minutes pass by without note, and are never remembered.  Each minute lasts for sixty seconds.  Yet some rush by, and others pass with a painful throbbing countdown.  Some minutes mark boundaries, and those boundaries mark the chapters of the book of our lives. 

What are you doing this minute?

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