Saturday, 6 January 2018

Living Former Presidents of the USA and their wives

Today in 1945, George H W Bush married Barbara Pierce.  Today, they are still alive, and celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary.  What other Presidents and wives are alive?

The most recent ex-President, and the latest American leader of the Free World, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are both still alive.  They married in in 1992, and had their silver wedding on 3rd October just gone.

George W Bush, son of George H W Bush, is still alive together with his wife Laura, whom he married in 1977.  They celebrated their ruby wedding a few weeks back on 5th November.

Bill Clinton is also still alive, together with his rather more famous wife Hillary, who ran for President in 2016, winning the popular vote.  They married in 1975.

His predecessor, George H W Bush, and his wife Barbara, are, as I said above, still alive.

Before him came Ronald Reagan who died in 2004, and his second wife, Nancy, who died in 2016.

His predecessor, Jimmy Carter, is still alive, 37 years after being President, which is a record.  His wife Rosalynn is also alive, and they married in July 1946.

There are no other former Presidents or First Ladies alive.  Ivana Trump, and Maria Trump, former wives of the incumbent Donald Trump are still alive.

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