Monday, 20 November 2017

Honduras General Election

On Sunday 26th November, there will be a general election in Honduras.  For the first time ever, the incumbent President is standing - the constitution in Honduras limits presidents to single terms only.  Last year, the current president, Juan Orlando Hernandez of the right-wing National Party won a court hearing to allow him to stand again for the party-s leadership.  Those who campaign to reform the election law can lose their citizenship in Honduras, and, not surprisingly, the opposition parties say that his standing for re-election is unconstitutional.

Honduras is famously corrupt, and an anti-corruption party, Opposition Alliance Against Dictatorship  (PAC) was formed by popular TV presenter Salvador Nasralla.  This party has joined up with the main opposition left-wing Libre Party, and the smaller left-wing Innovation and Unity Party (PINU) to contest the election under the leadership of Mr Nasralla.

Polls suggest a closer election than that of 2013, but with Mr Hernandez still the favourite to win.

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