Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Close Shave at the Barber's

Today I went to the barber for a beard trim.  I do this about three times a year, often when I have let my beard get a bit too long.  The barber trims it very well, and it feels so tidy afterwards.  It is a fiver well-spent, and stops me feeling guilty for only having my hair cut twice a year (which my poor barber complains that if every customer were like me, he would be out of business )

I turned up, and the two brothers were sitting chatting.  My favourite one got up and directed me to his sation.
"Just a beard trim today", I said.
"Ah, I thought your hair was too short.  I only cut it a few weeks ago.  I hoped you had decided to become a regular customer".
I settled down as he wrapped me up, put up the special head-rest for beard-trimming, and readied the trimmer.
"All off?" he asked, to my horror.  He had clearly misunderstood!
"Oh no, just a trim, nice and short and tidy.  If you take it all off, there will be nothing for you to trim nex time.  A 3mm cut please!"

What a narrow escape!  Needless to say, I had my trim, got given some beard oil, and hurried on my way.  I shall be careful to be much more explicit next time.

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