Monday, 8 May 2017

South Korean General Election

While much of Europe has been following the French general election, tomorrow's election in South Korea has received little attention.

Park Geung-hye was the first woman to be elected President in South Korea, coming to power in 2013.  Mrs Park's term was due to end in December of this year, but, in March, she was impeached for peddling influence, in a scandal reminiscent of the Cash for Questions troubles of the 1990's here in the UK.  Mrs Park led the centre-right Saenuri Party.

The election was therefore brought forward, and the acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn has declined to stand.  The polls indicate a decent lead for Moon Jae-in, leader of the centre-left Democratic Party.

Mr Moon's election could have some international repercussions.  Mrs Park was very anti-North Korea, whereas the Democratic Party of Mr Moon favour a more conciliatory approach.  With Mr Trump of the USA attempting to stir up conflict, this could have an emollient effect on the region.

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