Saturday, 11 March 2017

Lambing 2017 - Day 5 - Wednesday

Wednesday involved a trip into Newlyn, and I got to drive.  I don’t think I had driven since I was last down in Cornwall for lambing.  The hill to Newlyn has a 20% incline, and carries on down for quite a long way.  One has to stop in several strategic places to let cars through.  We were in Newlyn to pick up something from the butcher (the friendly one with twinkly eyes and a wig was on holiday) and to go to the delicatessen for some Cornish cheese for the evening festivities.

In the afternoon, mindful of the fact that evening entertainments were planned, a sheep was found in the barn with a lamb, and hastily removed to the labour ward.  After some time, she produced a second lamb, much covered in meconium, which is a sign of fœtal distress, although it had not been a long labour.  However, the sheep was a good mum, and her two lambs are simply adorable.

In the evening, two friends of the family came around for a regular gaming evening, and we played Settlers of Catan.  This is a fun game, and played every year on the farm.  Throughout the game, Mrs Farmer complains vociferously that she is unable to acquire the necessary goods and items, wails how badly she is doing, and wins.  This year, she did not win, for the first time since I have ever played.  Instead, Sir won, after viciously stealing several of my goods at the start of the game.  It was all great fun.

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