Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lambing 2017 Days 10-11 Monday-Tuesday

I have decided to continue to story of Monday and lump it together with Tuesday, as the days were somewhat related in activity.  Now that the last lamb had been born, things could progress in a very different way.  Although there was some lamb-napping and tailing to do, and the continual feeding, haying and strawing that is necessary for new mothers who are feeding lambs that grow enormously fast, and therefore eating prodigious amounts of hay, and producing lots of milk, lots of urine, and lots of manure, the need for regular checks had gone, and, certainly, there was no work to be done in the evenings, and no night checks.  I had never been on the farm for this part of lambing, as I had generally been there for the earlier parts. 

On Monday, the Young Mrs had a day off work, because the school of her younger son was having an inset training day.  She came up to the farm, and we planned to go to the viewing of an auction sale of household goods[1].  We met the New Mrs there too and had a good nosey around, looking at various bric-a-brac and other such items, many of interest, but none of value.  On Tuesday, we returned and went to the auction – squeezing eventually into old chairs and watching the items being sold, mostly for about two pounds, with odd items going for more.  After an hour and a half, and three hundred lots, we decided enough was enough and came home.  I enjoyed the auction, and found it quite fascinating – I now want to go to an antique auction.

Later that evening, Mrs Farmer and I played Scrabble – somehow, we had never quite found the opportunity to do so before, and it was not to be borne that a lambing season should pass without a match.  I was rather pleased to win in a high-scoring game that kept us quite entertained for a couple of hours.

[1] This basically means junk

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