Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lambing 2017 - Day 3 Monday

Monday was another day with no lambs.  Having sneaked out a few lambs before I had arrived, the ewes in the tractor shed were suitably triumphant, and the ewes in the barn were enjoying the service of hay, thank you very much, and “we have no interest whatsoever in being bothered with a lamb when we can rest nicely here”.  After lamb-napping Piran and his mother to the tractor shed, Sir and I set about the task of castrating the lambs’ tails.

Sheep naturally have quite long tails, which reach almost down to their feet.  It is common to put a castration ring on these in the first week of the life of the lamb.  This is a tight rubber ring that freezes blood supply, and the tail drops off.  This is a painless procedure – the lamb is more concerned that it is being picked up by a human than anything else. 

This done, there was time for voracious reading, a nap, and a game of Super Farm.  This was a game bought for the boys to play, and Mrs Farmer and I thought we ought to learn so we can play it with them.  The game was devised by maths professor Karol Borsuk in Warsaw in the dark days of the Second World Way.  It is quite good fun!

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