Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Remember the Holocaust

I want to forget the Holocaust.  It makes my flesh crawl when I see terrible pictures of bodies, twisted by pain and hunger, thrown into mass graves.  It makes me shudder when survivors tell the stories of their sufferings.  I don't like to think that such a thing happened in the lifetime of my parents, and in civilised Europe.

But then I hear Donald Trump complain about the influx of Mexicans into the USA, and how "Mexico keeps the best of them and sends us the worst".

Then I hear the media react with horror to the Daesh/ISIS terrorist outrages, and remind us that all Muslims are really terrorists at heart.

Then I see a UKIP poster of a Polish construction worker, who has come to take jobs away from English people.

Then I see a friend of mine, on Facebook, refer to black people as "these so-called people".

I cannot forget the Holocaust.  A Holocaust requires fear of the other.  A Holocaust requires an indifference to the fate of those we are taught to despise.  A Holocaust requires that good people stand by and do nothing while those who are full of hatred achieve their wicked aims.

This Holocaust Memorial Day I pause and remember the deaths of 6,000,000 people at the hands of Nazis.  And we must remember this, our warning from history, lest we pave the way for a repeat.  However distasteful the memory, however painful, however uncomfortable, remember the Holocaust.

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