Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 in numbers

The year is nearly over, and I am not expecting to add any numbers to these.  I have been keeping track of a few things this year (I usually do, but I don't usually publish them all):

6 flights
73 trains (not including tubes).
101 tubes
253 buses
8 trips to Banbury

9 doctor appointments (down quite a bit)
13 nurse appointments (ditto)
15 blood test appointments (up quite a bit)
11 hospital appointments (ditto)
9 kilos off (a bit too slow)

25 books read (down a bit)
72 glasses of wine (a new count.  Down a little, I should think)
27 coffee shop visits (this shocked me.  I thought I went less, but holiday trips pushed it up)
25 meals at restaurants (ditto. Half when I was on holiday)
35 letters written (down a lot) (personal letters posted)
5 weddings (not my own)

Analyse that!

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