Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Queen's Speech 2015 (amended)

Her Majesty’s most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament at the State Opening of Parliament, the twenty-seventh day of May in the year of our Lord 2015.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, my government’s legislative programme will abandon its programme to enrich the rich and oppress the poor, and will, instead, work towards strengthening the economy, raising living standards, and creating a fairer society for all.

My government will work to reduce the economic deficit by increased efficiencies in public spending, and by significant public spending initiatives and building projects, to stimulate the economy by creating jobs and increasing confidence.

My government will raise the minimum wage to a new living wage, which will include regional allowances to assist those on low wages who live in areas such as London.  The minimum living wage will then be raised in line with the same triple lock applied to old age pensions.  Zero hours contracts will be abolished, except where employees specifically make an application to request these.

My government will raise the personal tax allowance by five points above inflation for the next five years, so that the lowest earners will no longer have to pay tax.  A new 50p tax band will be introduced on earnings above £100,000. The non-domicile tax status shall be abolished.  Corporation tax will be applied to all sales in the UK, abolishing loopholes for internet and international companies.

My government believes in progressive taxation, and so VAT will be reduced to 10%, and will no longer be levied on domestic fuel.

My government will introduce a bill to review the property bands for Council Tax Evaluation.  Higher bands will be introduced so that the wealthiest contribute more.

My government is committed to providing increased affordable social housing. All new building projects will have to provide affordable housing as a proportion of properties built, and a Social Housing Levy will be applied to all sales of houses over £200,000.  Social housing rents shall be pegged at 50% of the market rate, and 20,000 social houses a year will be built over the next Parliament.  All private rents will be registered, and increases to private rents will be capped.

My government will abolish prescription charges, sight test charges, and dental charges.  New subsidised gyms will provide affordable access to exercise and sport equipment for all, investing in the nation’s health.  Sales of ready meals and foods with fat, sugar, or salt levels above national dietary guideline levels will be subject to a new Health Levy.  Foods targeted at children will have to meet new stricter guidelines.

My government will prevent the sale of government or NHS records, ensuring that private companies may not access health records.  No companies will be able to make profits from running any NHS services.

My government will abolish all university tuition fees, and introduced a means-tested grant available for all students under 25.

My government will dis-establish the Church of England.  Furthermore, religious organisations who wish to claim charity status for tax purposes must demonstrate that they are actively serving the community in which they are placed, with community service and poverty relief programmes; religious activities alone will be insufficient grounds for claiming charitable status.

My government will repeal the fixed government act.  General elections must be held at intervals of no greater than every five years, and each session of Parliament is limited to twelve months.  All elections will be conducted on a proportional representation basis, and all citizens over 16 may vote, following the principal that all who pay tax shall vote.  Any Member of Parliament who resigns their party, or who changes party, shall immediately resign their seat, and may contest a by-election.  Members of Parliament may not hold, in conjunction, other elected offices, such as elected Mayors, but must resign one post on election to the other.  The rules governing the funding  of political parties will be examined to ensure that donations are capped, and no donations from corporations or hedge funds are permitted.  My government shall also introduce legislation establishing the rules for televised leader debates at the time of general elections.

My government will campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, and will deliver a Referendum in 2016 on EU membership.  An exit from the EU will only occur if a majority is in favour in all four nations of the Kingdom.

My government recognises the special challenges faced the disabled and long term sick.  A new guaranteed income will be introduced for all disabled persons that are unable to work, and with a simplified application process.  No benefits will be stopped without notice, and a new task force of occupational health experts and doctors will perform all assessments.  The bedroom tax will be abolished immediately.

My government will implement in full the recommendations of the Smith Commission to further devolve powers to Scotland, and powers will be devolved on the same basis to Wales, Northern Ireland, and England.  The Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies will become national parliaments, and an English Parliament will be established in Manchester.  The Federal Westminster Parliament will continue to make decisions on non-devolved issues for the whole nation.

All supermarket parking spaces will be charged at £3 per hour.  These charges will pay for subsidised public transport to town centres, ensuring those who do not drive have free access.

My government will implement in full the recommendations of the Leveson enquiry, ensuring press freedom, but also press responsibility.  Rupert Murdoch will not be able to enter the UK.

My government shall abolish Katie Hopkins.

Other measures will be laid before you.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.

I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your counsels.

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