Sunday, 4 January 2015

TFL Tube and Overground Map 2050

I love maps.  In any history book, I always turn to the maps of how countries waxed and waned over the centuries.  I love looking at transport maps - rail maps, tube maps, bus spider maps.  One of my very favourite books is Transit Maps of the World, (sadly, it appears to be out of print) - a collection of historical and current tube/metro maps from around the world - with special attention paid to the largest metro systems, but with many hundreds of cities covered.  I have whiled many an hour poring over this when I should be doing something else, sitting on the loo gawping at a map, when I should be vacating the bathroom, and generally looking at maps again and again.  I have even designed an extra line - the Albert Line - for the tube.

You can imagine my delight on discovering this:  It is a map laying out the TfL of 2050 if all the planned, proposed, and currently under construction lines are built.  It comes from this page:

Watch, study, pore, and enjoy!

PS, and just look at this one, from the comments:

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