Saturday, 8 November 2014

Win a trip to Banbury!

Now, readers of The Banbury Man Blog can enter an exciting competition to win a trip to Banbury.  We will put you on a train at London Marylebone and in less than an hour, you will arrive at this mediæval market town.  Stroll along the canal, get your Xmas shopping at Castle Quays, explore the alleyways and photograph the famous Banbury Cross.  Not only this, but we will give you £4.70 spending money.

To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Fill in the blanks: Ride a __________________ to Banbury Cross.

A: 159 Bus

B:  Non-motorised domesticated animal

C:  Cock horse

To enter, call 094654 74564 4564 46546512313 45645467565 12323.  Calls from BT landlines cost £7.63.  Calls from mobiles will be considerably more.  Or text IDIOT plus your answer to 646456565458913135641.  Texts cost £4.82 plus your standard network charge, there is a minimum of fourteen texts.  Entrants must be over eighteen and you should obtain the bill-payer's permission before entry.  Your details will be retained and sold to PPI claims companies.  Lines open now for seven minutes.  Please do not enter after lines close, as your entry will not count and you may still be charged.  Postal entries can be posted to The Banbury Man Competition, PO Box 145465487123164847816354648, Unit FDJKL459B8R5390890B8903B, Flowery Meadow Way, Rural Paradise Trading Estate, Sector 452, Banbury, OX16 1AA.  Postal entries must be received within thirty minutes of the closure of phone lines, and we will not bother entering them.  If you are reading this via a subscription service, please do not enter.  Full terms and conditions are available upon written request.

Good luck!


Dan Neal said...

Who won?

Nigel Redford said...

I would tell you but the winner has asked for anonymity.