Saturday, 29 May 2010


I bought a duvet last week. This is something I have never done. I had blankets and a homemade quilt at home. When I went to university, mother bought me a duvet. When that needed replacing, she bought me another. When I wanted a cooler one, she bought me that too. Over the years, I have had duvets as occasional presents. I have never had to shop for one. Now I am moving into a flat with a double bed. I do not have a double duvet. So I had to buy one. When you buy a duvet, you need to decide what tog to have. None of my duvets have their tog written on them. I had to go and look at some before deciding that 9.5 was what I wanted (I never feel cold in bed, and dislike heavy covers). Then I had to decide on the filling. Artificial fillings, hollow-fibre fillings, feathers, down, natural, brushed, fluffed, and expanded. Prices ranged from below £10 to well over £100. I was, frankly, amazed, and had to take advice from a mother in London. The duvet is now purchased. I have always been pretty good around the house – cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc. It was a new experience to me to have to ask about something so simple. I just hope, when I start using the duvet this week, that it turns out to be the right one!

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